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SAE Specification Series Rod Ends

Male Rod Ends

Female Rod Ends

Aurora Bearing Company produces a standard range of male and female rod ends approved to SAE-AS81935/1, AS81935/2, AS81935/4, AS81935/5, AS81935/6, AS81935/7, AS81935/8, and AS81935/9. All feature Aurora’s proprietary AT 3200 liner system, qualified to AS81820. Total traceability is maintained through manufacturing up to and including shipping. In addition, non-standard material substitutions and dimensional modifications are possible, as are variations in no-load rotational torques to meet specific customer application requirements.


MaleAurora Bearing Company’s line of male rod ends include the ASM(K)-T manufactured to AS81935/1-03 thru -16, ASM(K)-ET manufactured to AS81935/6-03 thru -16, ATM(K)-T manufactured to AS81935/4-03 thru -16, and ATM(K)-ET manufactured to AS81935/8-03 thru -16 and are approved for procurement under those specifications.



FemaleAurora Bearing Company’s line of female rod ends include the ASW(K)-T manufactured to AS81935/2-03 thru -16, ASW(K)-ET manufactured to AS81935/7-03 thru -16, ATW(K)-T manufactured to AS81935/5-03 thru -16, and ATW(K)-ET manufactured to AS81935/9-03 thru -16 and are approved for procurement under those specifications.