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While Aurora's initial product offerings in 1971 were geared toward the commercial/industrial marketplace, by the middle of the 1980's Aurora Bearing's total quality reputation was recognized by the aircraft airframe industry, and Aurora Bearing Company was solicited by the most prestigious airframe manufacturers to build products for them to their specifications. This prompted the decision to seriously enter the aircraft market, and by 1988 Aurora Bearing Company was soliciting aircraft business on a controlled basis only, in order to insure consistent customer satisfaction. These efforts resulted in a smooth and successful entry into the aircraft marketplace.

Today, Aurora Bearing Company now produces standard and special spherical bearings, rod ends and bushings, for aircraft manufacturers, their subcontractors, and approved aerospace distributors.

Aerospace Series

Aerospace SeriesBearings and rod ends not requiring military approval, but manufactured under the same quality and SPC systems as the military approved bearings. Many of the bearings and rod ends have been approved to individual customer specifications and or standards for use in the general aviation, experimental, ultra light aircraft industries, and in non-critical applications by commercial aircraft manufacturers. Dimensions and configurations follow established industry conventions. Total traceabiliy, except where noted, is maintained through manufacturing up to and including shipping.

General Aviation